I didn’t think I’d do another iPhone Project 365 for 2016…but having done three of these projects already I guess I just can’t help myself now! For this go around, my focus is on signs. They’re all around us after all. Different sizes, shapes, constructions, fonts and levels of importance. I’ll be using one specific app (iColorama S) to give each of the photos this year a cohesive look, which is a technique (constraint?) I’ve not tried before.  And since I know that there will be undoubtedly be some days when I won’t venture from the house, I’m going giving myself permission to allow labels to creep into the project, since they too convey information in the same way as other signs do.  So fair warning!

For those interested in seeing my previous iPhone Project 365 efforts, you can find them here:

2012’s “whatever-caught-my-eye” project

2014’s “a-Dalek-a-day” project

2015’s “patterns-abstracts-details” project

Thank you for stopping by this current iteration of my photographic endeavors and I hope you enjoy.  The fact that you’re here could be a sign!  🙂


  1. I’ve been posting at least one photo a day for over five years now. January 31, 2015 marked my 2000th consecutive day posting a photo a day. A sign a day is a great project. Way back in my photo school days, I did a series on signs. Signs are so much fun, and as you look for signs to photograph, you start to notice a lot of other interesting things as well. Focusing on signs colors your way of seeing and how you think about language. Now that we have discovered each other, I’m really looking forward to seeing you daily sign photos.

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  2. Hello, I am pleased that you found the blog where I write about Photography. I am sure you have found that each week I change my subjects, but be sure that I will only discuss photography.
    Be sure that I will be wandering your blog reading and viewing what you post.

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