September 16 (Day 260 of 366)

The way that you run and the way that you walk,
It’s all body talk.
The way you move your hips,
and the way that your lips hold your cigarette.
If you’re gonna laugh, if you’re gonna cry,
oh honey, I’d give it away with your body talk.

Body Talk, John Otway (a song I remembered being performed on a “Young Ones” episode, many years ago.)

project 366, sign, iColorama, cafeteria, school, canteen

(Camera+, Snapseed, iColorama S, iWatermark)





      1. Hahaha — I might be able to still rattle off a couple too. Those memories linger, that’s for sure. I can also pretty much recite the admonishments our stern middle school headmaster (principal) used to give us before each school year break. 🙂

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