May 27 (Day 148 of 366)

I make hamburgers, I get all the girls
And I take ’em out to dinner and I give ’em all a whirl
And if they work I keep ’em, if they don’t I keep ’em too
But I teach ’em all how to be dirty girls like you

I Make Hamburgers, The Whitlams

project 366, sign, Frisch's, Big Boy, hamburger

(Camera+, Snapseed, iColorama S, iWatermark)



    1. Thankfully, yes. June and I got caught out the very first time we ate at the cash-only steak place many, many years ago, as they don’t make that clear when you order. We were lucky that the other couple who were dining with us had a check book on them. 🙂


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