May 23 (Day 144 of 366)

Mutton is big in west Kentucky,
that’s a fancy name for sheep,
But in the rest of the state,
sliced pork butt is what they eat.

BBQ Song, Rhett and Link

project 366, sign, Mark's Feed Store, BBQ, Louisville

(Camera+, Snapseed, iColorama S, iWatermark)



    1. Hello and thank you Mia! I know that mutton is served at a well-known (and long established) restaurant in my wife’s hometown, so they’re eating it there. I grew up on lamb in Australia, so I haven’t quite developed a taste for it myself. 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome and thanks for the info. The only place I’ve ever had mutton was in the UK and I must say that I didn’t care for it at all! I’ve never seen it in the market here, although I’ve never gone out of my way to find it, ha-ha! Have a great day Matt.
        ~ Mia 🙂

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