May 11 (Day 132 of 366)

Je suis enchante
Ou est le bibliotheque?
Voila mon passport
Ah, Gerard Depardieu
Baguette, ah ha ha, baguette, oh oh oh oh oh-ho!

– Foux Du Fafa, The Flight of the Conchords

project 366, sign, french, restaurant, Brasserie Provence

(Camera+, Snapseed, iColorama S, iWatermark)



  1. I’ve never eaten in a French restaurant in the US, and only one tiny restaurant the specialized in crepes in Paris, France. My wife and I spent two weeks in Aix-in-Provence in 2013 and took cooking classes. Then we rented an apartment for three weeks in Paris, cooked all our own food and only ate at that one restaurant while we were in Paris (we did get a few snacks at cafe bars and street venders). But then we lived in Madrid, Spain for 4 years and only ate in a couple of restaurants after performing with a group we played with, and once when some friends visited and wanted to try a restaurant.

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    1. Wow — you are clearly living a very interesting life. And you’re clearly accomplished cooks too! I received a gift certificate to this restaurant some time ago, and my wife are going to head there tomorrow night to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. (It will be my first truly French restaurant experience too.)

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